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1st. snow today in New England.

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YeeeHaaaaaaaaw! 1" to 3" total for tonight and another 2" by morning! It's snowing at a good clip right now as I type and the roof on my barn is covered already. I am so HAPPY! Ride time coming up! Can't wait to see how the Mudlites will do in the snow. I know that the 589's I owned worked great in snow, I hope the Mudlites do as well. **** I love this kinda fun!!!! LOL
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LOL, I probably wont see ANY snow down here in Alabama...SUCKS!!!!!

enjoy the weather man!

It's just after 7 AM Saturday, the snow is still coming down and so far it looks to be 5 or 6 inches deep. Not as much as I would like but hey it's early yet! Anyway, my darling wife pipes up this morning and says,"I wanna see that driveway plowed down to the bare tar." I guess she wants the driveway plowed before I go off playing in the new snow! Well off to mount the plow on my Grizzly and make my wife happy, or was that, mount the plow on my wife and make the Grizzly happy????????? So many descions...
LOL, man you complain about it only being 5-6 inches...that is considered a VERY good snow down here...Its been 5 years since we saw that much...I am really hoping that I get to move in May when I graduate. Maybe I can get transfered out west...I would LOVE to move to colorado or Nevada...I have NEVER seen the west (except for photos)

A real good dusting here is 18"+ and better, that's when we do get hammered with it. Usualy 12" is about the norm and there are times we get that every three days or so(like three years ago). We do try and stay on top of keeping the trails cut and once they are packed down its awesome riding. I also would love to live out in Colorado or even Alaska. My wife would never even consider a move like that now at this point in our lives. So it looks like I will have to remain here and only get to play in New England snow...LOL

Ya know Marine, they do hire folks up here with your qualifications and Engineering capabilities! Let's see, there is Electric Boat in Groton CT.(they make Nuke Subs) then there is Pratt&Whitney Aircraft in Hartford Ct.(they make jet engines) and the list goes on!
cool...send me some links in my PM...I will apply. I would like to continue to work for the Gov. I really like the benifits! But to move somewhere nice I would try just about anything (i am very young still)

P.S. How do you know my qualifications??? LOL
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