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2007 Snowmobiles

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So what do you all think of the new 2007 phazers. I think they are ugly(looks like someone ran them into a tree!!). I do like the engine. Not so much for a snowmobile but more for a utility quad. Depending what the torque numbers are a 80 hp 500CC engine with fuel injection would work great in a Grizz.
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I don't snowmobile and if I did, that would probably not be one that I'd buy. But IMO that looks like a fun little machine to play around on. Odd looking but gotta give Yamaha credit for a unique design. Looks like a blaster quad, mated to a snowmobile.
I do agree, I wouldn't pruchase one either. I do like the looks of the Apex and Attak. For a ditch banger I think it would be fun though.
Most definately. I was reading up on it last night and chatting with my friend who rides sleds. Did you see the phazer fx. There's three models this one is real good for the powder. But I agree the apex or attak are real nice looking.
The light weight of the phazer will make it a great powder machine. It's only 80 hp (low in the snowmobile world) but the torque from idle up to redline will be a big factor.
You guys got me curious so I checked them out. The Phazer is different to say the least. I kinda like it. The videos make it look so powerful and light. It's definately going to be a talk piece.
I think it is one of those things where you love it or hate it. I guess I will get the verdict this spring at the Yamaha snowmobile days.
If the Phazer Mountain Lite had another 40 hp and a bit more track, it'd be a decent mountain sled. For now, the two best lightweight mountain sleds (IMO) are the Arctic Cat M-series and the new (for 07) Polaris RMK 600 HO. The 07 RMK dropped 25 lbs from last year...

The Phazer would be able to pick that up it a hurry when the turbo kits come out. Just look what the turbo kits do for the Apex. 300 hp that you can take into the back country and not worry. The Yamaha rep for Western Canada has 4000kms on his 350 hp RX1 and rides the extreme backcountry around Revelstoke(won the Big Iron Shootout with this machine, beat out a 1010 twin turboed Cat). How many 350 hp 2 strokes can do that and have that many kilometers without having to tear into it.
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