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2014 Griz 550 Won't Over - Solved

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My 2014 550 Grizzly suddenly would not turn over, just made a clicking sound. I check the solenoid and it was not delivering power to the starter, so I thought "problem solved".
Expecting the engine to turn over, I jumped between the solenoid terminals, but got lots of sparks and the tip of the screwdriver had a little melted spot.

There was a short somewhere between the solenoid and the starter. Cable was good so I pulled the starter. Turns out the starter motor itself was shorted so I took it apart and found that one of the magnets had broken up and shorted the starter which in turn damaged the solenoid. Oddly enough the fuses in the solenoid are still good, I would have expected a hard short to blow a fuse before wrecking the solenoid. Just ordered a new solenoid and starter which should fix the problem. Got them on Amazon for $49 for the set.

This unit only has 1000 miles, so the starter was not worn, it just failed. Couple pictures below of disassembled started and the broken magnet that caused the starter and the solenoid to fail.
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