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4 of us rode today, left at 10:00 this morning, 6 degrees above when we left, rode some lightly traveled gravel roads to get us to the secluded riding area that I like. Stopped by a small stream to share some stories and have a little hot coffee. Proceded on to an old road and broke trail in the snow for quite a ways.Ended up stopping for lunch around 1:30 at a small bar and eatery south of my home about 17 miles. After lunch we took a trail that led us to the river, major ice dam sometime prior to us getting there, this is a place that we ford the river in the summer, and cross it on the ice in winter, well to put it in perspective the ice chunks had piled up on top of each other to a height of over 3 feet, jagged ice all over the place. All in all a good ride 21 degrees when I got home, felt like summer after the start we had, the hand and thumb warmer were a real pleasure to have today.
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