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660 Brake-in period

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I'm needing a reality check here.

The manual says 3/4 throtle max sustained for the first 20 hours of operation. Short (1 to 2 second) burst of full throttle are okay. I understand the need for varied RPM during this period, but why the restraint from opening this bugger up? I want and expect many years of fun and use but I'm struggling with holding myself back....lol

Post brake-in, what kind of top speed should I be seeing on this stock unit? What kind of distance are you guys getting on a tank of Gas?

I appreciate your input, I'm loving this thig and more questions are sure to follow.

Thanks all.

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Follow the break in procedure as best you can, will pay dividends in the end. I get around 20 to 22 miles per gallon measured with a GPS, relates to about 100 miles per tankful give or take a little. Don't check your mileage with the trip meter/odometer if its like ours here, they are about 12 percent off, the speedo is the same not very accurate.
As for top speed, you should see 65MPH+ once I finished the 20 hours "break in" i was really EXCITED to open it up! I got my wife on board with me (double) and got on the highway. I saw the speedo hit 68MPH and I still had some more acceloration left...This of course was before the 26" mudlites and rims. I haven't tried to max it out since the tires install but I am sure it will still do 60. I have had it to 50+MPH with the tires across fields... Its not the top speed that impress's me but the low end grund with low range that impresses me!

Have to agree with dannyk on the break in. I know atleast imo it is best to follow the book as close as you can. Not really sure on top speed yet but I think I can get around 80 or so miles per tank on nice flat trail riding.
Just turned over the 10 hour milestone on my new '05 Grizzly. I've been real careful not about following the break-in procedures, especially as it relates to sustained throttle max. Let me tell you, I've not had to push it beyond 1/2 throttle to hit just under 50mph on the smooth, flat "fire roads" I ride on in central Maine. I'm almost afraid to think of what will happen when I open it up to full throttle for the first time... Marine is dead on right: the low end is AWESOME, especially for tricky rock/log climbing. Nice steady power and control. The engine breaking is awesome too.
I agree, the engine braking is great.
I always broke it in the way I was going to ride it, hasn't failed yet. Of course I did more than routine maintenance.
More of a question than a reply, how much did your dealer charge you for your 20 hour service, you know valve adj., oil, diff. fluid my dealer quoted me a price of $125. Everyone I have talked to said that the first service is usally on the dealer. Is this true? I can see where it would be, as a person did just spend 8,000 plus in their store. Any info would be appreciated.
Mine wouldn't have been on the dealer, $125 sounds like a good price though. I know what you mean, $8000, what the heck, just do it for free.
I'd do it myself but my dealer says if an authorized yamaha shop doesn't do the first valve adjustment, it could void my warranty. So I guess like you said Ben, $125 isn't that unreasonable, and if anything goes wrong its on them.
As long as it's a certified mechanic and you ahve a receipt, they have to honor the warenty. I won't take mine to the Yamaha dealership because they are idiots. The Honda dealership on the other hand is awsome.
well there you go!!!

The Yamaha dealer in Hobart, Tasmania are idiots as well.I live only 20 klms from them and I do all my business with the dealer in the north over 200klms away. goes to show people will travell for good service.
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