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a arm protectors ?

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I need new a-arm protectors but can't decide which ones... aluminium or plastic again or Kevlar covers over the cv boots and leave the some what broken plastic protectors in place?
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Trust me!!! get some good aluminium or steel gaurds...the plastic sucks and lets the sticks through and they rip the boots ect....

best and First investment I put on ALL my ATV's...then winch, then tires..
I dont know where you ride, but I ride on very rocky trails and you really cant beat the protection you get from steel.

The plastic rip too easily and the aluminum are good, but they tend to grab the rocks and not slide over them.

The best and easiest thing we did, if you have access to it, it got steel about 1/4 thick and cut our own guards and then welded them in place. Very strong, cheap and effective.

Hey Bigstick,

I had the same desision a while ago.
I do not know the prices in the USA, but here in South Africa, a set of original plastic A Arm gaurds cost R84.00 and a pair of Aluminium Gaurds cost R1250.00

Statistically I would have to break to front plastic gaurds 15 times each to break even (30 gaurds in total!)

Also, as the plastic gets "knocked" it absorbs the impact and breaks. End of story. I have seen the Aluminium ones "dent" and put pressure on the A Arm's and bend them!

The Metal/Aluminium ones do look better though....

Food for thought!!!
Have to agree with everyone and say that you can not beat the protection alum or steel ones will give over plastic. I purchased the alum ones from Yamaha. One reason was I liked the bear they had in the front of the plate. I have been on some rocky trails and it puts my mind at ease to hear that alum hit the rock instead of some cheep thin plasic skid.
I went with the aluminum front and rear from www.prm-atv.com . Now I am saving up for the belly skid pan. I don't know about welding a-arm guards on. I like the fact that i can remove them for cleaning and checking around the CV boots.
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