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If anyone is in the process of buying a plow for there wheeler, I would like to recommend the American Eagle Plow. It is by far the best built one I have ever owned. The plow is great, the frame is built real well, and it has a far better quick disconnect system. I tested it out on my gravel driveway and now the wife is telling me I need to bring in more gravel. I guess I went a little deep.

Ready for the snow now!


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Hey TimL, I know this thread is about 4 yrs old, but I'm fairly new here. Read your thread & wanted to let you know, I also bought an Eagle plow for my Grizz off the internet while I was deployed. When I got home & saw it, I was amazed at how heavy duty it was. I felt I could of put it on the truck & it could handle anything I pushed with it.
And I agree with you, Great Plow ....

Later ...
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