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Any deer hunters in here?

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How many of you folks go deer hunting and what's the biggest deer you harvested? Also do you use your Grizzly when on the hunt?

So far my biggest deer to date was a 12 pointer(2 years ago) 195 pounds field dressed. Used my Kodiak to haul him out making it very easy compared to physically dragging him. The season is alomst here in Connecticut and I am getting excited seeing so many big bucks this year on the farm where I hunt. Good luck to all you fellow hunters this year! Hunt safely....
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Just getting back into hunting, this will be my first season in about 20 years. Season starts here on the 15 of November. Have several deer coming to feed in my back yard, watched a button buck last night and a Bobcat the night before. We are in a Quality deer management area, have to have at least 3 points on one side to be legal, an experiment that is being tried to get some older age bucks in the mix.
I deer hunt!! to bad you live so far away or we could do a ride/hunt together..

Maybe one of these days you could venture up to New England for a hunt/ride! Something to think about now eh???? LOL


Our season here starts the third week of November and ends the second week of December for high power rifle, three weeks of fun. The dairy farm I hunt on is my buddy's farm and he only allows us to harvest 8 points or better. He has been doing this for years now and the results are remarkable, many mature bucks with nice racks now. He found a shed antler last spring while harrowing a field and it had 8 points(TYPICAL), one antler mind you! We have been scouting for that monster for months now just to get a glimpse of him. I would crap in my pants if I seen a 16 pointer walk out in front of me! Management such as this, is truly a good thing for producing mature bucks. I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming season.
We just get a 15 day season for rifle, but archery season runs from 1 October to 31 December, we also have a 10 day black powder season that starts around the 10th of December.
I agree with you a buck with that kind of rack would be something to see. I have a couple of deer in the yard right now, but nothing with horns. Things should improve as the weather gets colder and we start to get some snow. Also the rut will get in full swing so as long as I have does hanging around, who knows what will show up. After all the deer seasons there is varmint season and I plan on doing that this year, lots of coyotes here.
yup, i'm into deer hunting. participate in all 3 seasons,
archery - september till december
muzzleloader - last week in nov till first week in dec. 11 days
rifle - second wednesday in nov. till usually first sun. in dec.

this year was tuff. saw a bunch of does. its hard to hunt with the bikes, lack of access roads/ 4 wheeler roads where our spot is.
I don't hunt but I do work in a area approx 700 acres which is fence in. I work for DND {Dept of National Defence} in Nova Scotia and the area has a fence around it so the deer can not get out very easy,so they breed without fear of beening shot.Anyway during rutting season we have approx 50-60 deer of which their are lots of 12 and 14 point bucks.Where they have been here for generations they are not frighten of man {which is not always a good thing} but it is very interesting to watch up close these deer over the years, so next time your outside in the cold or rain remember your atv friend to the north see them every day so relax there will be a deer come by your spot in a day or two or not:}

ps you can not hunt them in here.
Our lives revolve around hunting season. My best buck made the record book. It's a 4x4 whitetail in velvet that I took with the bow. I haven't seen the 05 record book yet, but it should be in there.
My most memorable buck was a nice 4x4 in 2000, the year my dad died. He had cancer and I was headed to Kuwait. He wasn't going to last much longer so I got to say good by before I left. The last thing i said to him was "send a big buck my way once in a while". He died 2 weeks later. On opening day of rifle season that year a nice 4x4 appeared under my tree and walked straight out into the field. I missed the first shot because my scope was set too high. He ran about 50 yards out into the field and I missed 2 more times as he was standing broadside. Finally I hit him with my fourth and final shot right before he dropped down over a draw. I'm sure dad was laughing his ass off.
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