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Blinking reverse light

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I installed a K&N filter and SLP Flo-rite in the top of the airbox on my '04 Griz, ever since then the reverse light will start blinking if I wick the throttle. I also opened up the stock exhaust. The light will blink until the key is shut off. I've read through the service manual and not found anything about self-diagnostics, which this seems like its doing. Has anybody else experienced this condition, if so what was the fix?
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I snipped my DiffLok override wire and got the blinking reverse lite when I went over 15 mph. I installed a switch in the line the next day, and with the switch made, the light didn't appear.

03 Grizz
The light is off on my '04 now, but the '03 that I also modded, and with the overrides is still doing it. I put a toggle switch in the reverse override but just disconnected the difflock wire from the CDI. I'll try putting a toggle switch in that wire also. Thanks.
the reverse light blinking is telling you that the engine is revving but your not moving, it is the speed sensor if anyone has a grizzly and your in netrual and rev it up for a bit it starts to blink. and cutting wires is not the best thing you can do to fix it.
might be blinking cuase you are revving it up in netral and the cdi is sensing that your speed isnt increasing.
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