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Carb Adjustment and oil filter

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I am a new 03 Grizzly owner 160 hours 580 miles. Can you adjust the mixture on the carb? My 03 grizzly runs rich and at full throttle and misses like it is a two cycle running rich. I have cleaned the air filter and have a K&N on order. I have installed a new spark plug and fully charged the battery. Spark plug running black. Very hard to start when cold. Choke does not seem to help
The oil filter. What is the Fram or other part numbers for this. I found one at the NAPA parts store for $9.50. I would think Walmart is cheaper.
Thanks for the help
Jim Babcock
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yes you can adjust the mixture on the carb. has your grizzly ever had the valves adjusted that will make your grizzly hard to start when cold and it wont run right.and if you adjust your valves you will get a different reading on the spark plug.here is some oil filter numbers k-n-303,fram-ph6017a,napa-1358,ac-2057,wix-51358,amsoil-smf-103.
jimbo you have mail.
Thanks for the info. Starting OK now. I ran some fuel injector cleaner in the gas and added fresh fuel. Choke to the left and starts OK I do not know if the valves were adjusted. I will do that soon Otherwise runs OK for now
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