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cdiI Unit

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New Generation With High Quality-Just Released!

You are bidding on an Brand New aftermarket Hi-performance Rev kit/CDI box for the Yamaha Grizzly 660 (For Year 02-05 ) by replacing your stock restricted CDI box with this one you will gain more than 1000 RPM’s over stock. Works great on modified or stock engines. Instantly change your power curve and shift points. Will give you faster straight line times and also extra power to come out of a corner faster. get more information on procomengineering.com. This unit Retail Price was $345.00.

Shipping in U.S.A. is US$8.00; International shipping rate is US$15.00.

If you would like to BUY IT NOW, Please contact the seller.
Disclaimer: As this item is a high performance part and will increase the performance of your machine, purchase and use of our high performance parts are at your own risk. By bidding and purchasing this item, our maximum liability is the amount you paid for the item; otherwise, please do not bid on this item.

Optional: Procom Power Kit for just $269.00!!!!!


(Seen in picture 2)

- Increase horsepower throughout the entire rpm range

- Increase torque

- Increase throttle response

- Increase spark energy

- Improve fuel efficiency

- Easier start-runs cleaner

- Less spark plug fouling

- Brighter headlights

- Longer battery life

- Reduce the radio noise

Tips of concept: Without our magic power box, when you throttle up your machines, the battery output voltage is unstable; it changes between 11V and 15V, the spark energy is inconsistent and your machine lacks power. With our Magic Power Box, the output voltage will be almost 100% stable. Your machine can reach the maximum power!

This unit is very easy to install, just attach the leads to your battery mounts.

- Increases rpm’s by 1,000 over stock

- Increases timing curves

- Increases rev limiter

Tips of concept: Works great on modified or stock engines. Instantly change your power curve and shift points. Our CDI Box will give you faster straight line times and also extra power to come out of a corner faster!

- Gain up to 8% more horsepower

Tips of concept: We built an extra sensor and switch in the unit. When the battery is near fully charged, the sensor instructs the switch to control the Magneto Rotor to run without cutting the magnet field. Then the rotor runs much lighter and saves the power to the engine. The engine gains more horsepower to drive your machines faster!

Will this void the Warranty?
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Master400 not sure but I think there is some posts on HighLifter forum that say if this is the same one that these things did not make that much improvement. Might want to do alittle more research before you buy.
i bought a cheap cdi box off ebay that raises my rev 1000 pms higher. Its caused many problems as well, like causing my quad to run lean because of incorrect timing and its also caused my 4 x 4 diff lock on my grizz not to be recognized so it wont engage at all. Im looking into a big gun now. Will the big gun cause all these problems for my grizz?

you must have the procom cdi my diff lock dont work either.supposely they have it figure out know with there new ones.i think the big gun cdi also advances the timing too.

I think it is a great cdi, I deffenently noticed more power with the mods I have. If they made one for the Big Bear I would have it to. Check out their site for more details and HP figures.

This is from a active thread on the HighLifter Forum go on there and do a search for more.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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