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Yesterday I rode the Clark County, WI, trail system for the third time. Each time I've ridden different parts of the 100 plus miles of trails and routes. "Trails" allow only ATV's (and snowmobiles during the snow season), "routes" are roads that allow ATV's to ride along the shoulder to get between trail sections.

Clark County has a lot of routes. Many of the routes are on county roads that follow section lines: two way roads, wide enough for semi's to pass with room to spare, and straight as an arrow for very long stretches. These are not very exciting to ride.

There are, however, a number of very good trails with lots of twists and turns and small hills. The trails are mostly entry level and would be a good place to take a family outing. They are by no means technically challenging. But they are still a lot of fun for cruising through the woods.

The base in the area is mostly sand and the trails get very dusty. I've ridden right after a rain when the trails are still wet and packed and I've ridden when it is dry and dusty. I prefer wet, but in this part of the country it isn't something you can count on.

There are a lot of good mudholes, even when the trail is dry. At least one of them was deep enough yesterday to flood the belt on a Kodiak (not mine! I ride a Griz!). The bottoms are generally fairly solid with more sand than dirt. I wasn't equipped for mud bogging but the guys that were sure had a good time.

I'll be going back to Clark County; hopefully camping at the ATV part of the Rock Dam campground. Partly I'll go back because it is the closest trail system to where I live, partly because it's a good place to take my daughter riding. Partly because I enjoy cruising through the woods on trails that are not real technical but still provide a good ride.
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