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well if its leaking from overflow vent hose on the radiator it could be a blown headgasket

same go'sif its leaking out the side of the headbad gasket either the head gasket or thermostat seal

ifits leaking down by the water pump on lower left ofthe motorshould be a bad hoseor the pump seal itself

or the outlet hose where it conects to the cylinder wall ethier bad hose or bad seal

worst case new head gasket probably $100-$600 depending on the shop and who you know

best case small seal replace it yourself for less than $30

mine blew the head gasket all togetherI spent $300 butI fixed a few more things while it was down
I have a yamaha grizzly 550 that I just put in a new motor from power sports Nation and I got it all put together I started it up and it stared leaking water out of the bottom hose on the water pump now I had to take that line of to put the last motor mount bolt in so l am not sure if there was a o ring in there that fell out or if there is more problems? Any ideas of what it could be.
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