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Cost of the Grizz in Canada

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Any Canadian out there that can tell me what the best price of a Grizz is with a winch and handwarmers. I like the silver tip and not sure about the different models I think there is 2 any comments.
love the site.
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Hi Tootall,
The Grizzly goes $10,500 + tax
2500lbs warn winch is approx $600
Heating grips: $250
Full equip w/ 2nd passenger seat, heat grips & winch adds-up to approx $14K

I tell ya, with these ATV prices here in Canada, it makes it hard to justify any mods/add-ons !!
wow!!!! $14k For a Grizzly!!!!! I would drive to the states and import that thing for that price!!

You can buy a VERY nice car for 14,000 here in the states
If you are still interested in a reply to this form I will tell you how much I paid for my Grizz in Nova Scotia. Brand new 2004 (no differance than the 2005)
was $9100 plus taxes. It came with a free Warn 2500lb winch, $300 worth of free assesories and a complete plow installed for an extra $100. I didn't want the plow because I have one on my truck so they gave me another $400 worth of assesories. I think that that was a smokin deal.
I paid 7,500. in Southeast Mo. I felt like I got robbed.
Sailorman3--You definitely got a good deal!
Sailorman3--You definitely got a good deal!
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