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Couple of questions

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Question 1 Any comment on Rhino owners is this a good machine, looking especially for Rhino owners that use it for hunting how do you like it, what do you like what is not so good.

Question 2 - I have never bought anything but a honda. To the Honda lovers that have swithced to Yamaha, any comments. I am going to upgrade my quad in 05 considering the Grizzly, does anyone know if Yamaha has resolved the over heating problem in 05.

appreciate your time
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tootall, I have been a honda fan all my life (that is all I owned other than one kawasaki but it was a gift and a POS). As for honda here is what I have owned:TRX90, TRX300, TRX450, TRX500 "Rubicon", TRX 650 "Rincon", XR250 Dirtbike, and the kawasaki bayau 220.

My opinions so far on the grizzly (100 miles on the grizzly) are that it has more power on demand, better suspension of ANY honda for rock crawling (and is ajustable), and bottoms out much less. It also has as good if not better engine breaking as the rubicon along with a locker on the front for those sticky situations and even an override button when locked in low 4x4 with the diff lock enganged you can over-ride the rev limiter. My wife says that it is much easier to steer than the other honda's. If you want something that will perform really well in the rough stuff I would suggest either the Rubicon or the Grizzly. The Grizzly has the better options/ride though...

As for the gas boiling that issue was fixed with the "finned" plastics to let air out. I have run mine in 90degree weather all day in low range and stopping to cut trees alot and it NEVER overheated. The fan stayed on alot and it was warm on my legs but the light never came on and the radiator never boiled and the fuel was fine...I belive yamaha has fixed this issue
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I have to agree with Marine. I owned a 1995 Honda TRX 300 and it preformed well enough to suit my needs. Then I bought the 2001 Kodiak which was much better then the Honda I previously owned. Selectable 4X4, disc brakes, engine breaking, etc. was a big factor for me when I switched to Yamaha. When I was looking for an upgrade, I could have purchased any machine on the market. I bought the 2004 Grizzly and I honestly have never doubted my choice. The Grizzly preforms very very well in many different situations. It can be a workhorse or it can be ridden like a sport machine. Honda makes a great machine and so does Yamaha. What sold me on the Grizzly the most was the locking front differential. I have used that feature on more then one occassion and having a true 4 wheel drive is a major plus. As for the heat issue, I personally have never had any situations where the gas boiled or vapor lock. If I was to buy a new machine tomorrow, it would be a Yamaha Grizzly without a doubt.

My brother is wanting to purhase a Yamaha Rhino (the Grizzly in side x side form), and honestly I wouldn't mind getting one myself!! It would make the ultimate work horse that can still play! it actually has more ground clearance than the Grizzly! although it weighs 1000lbs and has top speed of 45MPH it is still a GREAT machine for working and trail riding..

Personally I belive my next "toy", as the wife says, will be a dirtbike either a CRF450X or a WR450...not sure yet. The ONLY deciding factor there is the best price I can get at Corinth Mississppi...(WONDERFUL dealership!)
Marine and blue_grizzly_04

I appreciate what you both had to say, It's nice to hear you are both so happy with your machines. Your comments will certainly help me make my decision. I was thinking the Rubicon but its hard to go to a straight axle after having IRS, the Grizzly is looking better all the time.
Again thanks

Once you ride an IRS machine the SRA seems like it should be outdated! The Grizzly is the most comfortable machine I have ever ridden in my life. Before with the Kodiak and the Honda trx 300 I would get saddle sore after 20 miles of riding. Now it seems like I can just keep riding and riding without any fatigue or "monkey butt" LOL. The plush ride I get from the Grizzly is phenominal, and my fat ass thanks the designers at Yamaha for a well designed and comfy machine. Good luck in your quest.
I've owned a honda 450 {1st atv} for 2yrs, this year I bought a grizzly. A friend I rode with had one and we did alot of riding together. He convinced me to buy it because he could get me a deal.... best thing I did. Now I can run with anyone. Another friend bought me a plate for my bike " If you can't run with the BIG DOGS stay on the porch" Now I have no trouble keeping up. We just came back from Cape Breton Island {NOVA SCOTIA} and saw some great country'high mountains,etc 8 of us went 2- grizzlys,1- rubicon,1- 450 honda,2-350 honda, 400 honda,1 bombardia{spelled wrong} anyway we all had a great time the grizz showed up all bikes hands down for power,comfort,rock climbing,if we came to a tough area we went in first.The only problem happen when we went up a river to look at a falls.One of the honda's popped his wheel bearing and we had to stop the ride early on the last day.In defence of the honda 450 he was carrying himself and one passenger up the river bed.
I will say this about my Honda TRX 300. That machine would go thru some really deep water with never any problems whatsoever. I was simply amazed when I crossed a deep water crossing, the front end would stick up and sort of float, and cross with ease. When I tried that same sopt with my Kodiak she just sputtered, coughed, & choked and alomst didn't make it across. When I attempted the same spot with the Grizzly It was pretty much the same results as the Kodiak, barely making it across. Oh well, I guess if I wanted a Jet-Ski I should have bought one! Unless properly snorkled, the Yamahas seem to have issues with water for some reason. Nevertheless, I love my Grizzly and It's an awesome machine.
This is my first post on the site. Just bought a 98 600 Grizzly 2 months ago so far so good have only ridden it about 30 miles. My wife wanted atv's I didn't (more motors to maintain) Already own a boat three big street bikes 2 cars van and pickup etc. Back to the Griz it is the first machine we bought it needed some tinkering oil change hardware replaced etc. Runs great we also just bought a Suzuki LT4W Quadrunner had to put the front end back togather CV boots were shot. It is lighter to steer but not as easy to drive. You have to shift on the fly 15 gears forward though pretty cool. Our Griz is pretty stock haven't had any problems so far. will have to try that start in gear suggestion I read about on the site. Don't know how often I will check the site not home much driving truck and the wife keeps me pretty busy.
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