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Custom Paint w/other Mods

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Well, here is a few weeks hard work consisting of Dial-A-Jet, HMF Slip On, ITP Black Steel Wheels, Dirt Devil 26" Tires, Oil Change, Airbox Valves and finally the Sunset Orange Mettalic paint job accented with Longhorn stuff.
Would like feedback on the paint job and any of you that have similar mods on what I might expect. Thanks!!!
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Awesome simply awesome looking! Great work on the paint job. It's always nice to be different. Very cool indeed.
Paint job looks sweet, especially with the black rims. Good job!

What kind of paint did you use? Was it regular automotive?

I looked at the rest of your pics in profile and noticed you have some sort of plate mounted with a gauge. What is that and are those some sort of toggle switches?
Yes, I used automotive quality paint, primer and clear coat.....and of course lots of sanding to get it all prepped right (before primer, after primer, after primer and between clear coats)! All in all it wasn't too bad, but I konow I was cussing alot while I was working on it!!! Lots of little crevices, curves, indentations etc to sand.

The guage and switches on the left front fender were installed after all was done. It is a water temp guage that has its temp sensor drilled and tapped directly into the thermostat housing. The plate the guage and switches are installed in is an aluminum plate (painted) that a friend of mine machined for me to fit that space with cutouts for the guage and switches.
The switch next to the guage is wired to the fan so I can manually turn it on when I want without turning the key on (running up hours on the meter). The rest of the lighted rocker switches are for future use (lights front and back, other accessories, etc). This is the same setup as my friend here (Texas Grizz) and was his idea for layout, etc.

Glad to hear you guys like it so far, thanks for the compliments......it was a lot of work and now its time to RIDE!!!! :)
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Thanks for the info on the gauge and switches. Great idea and nice neat professional look.
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