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Cuttin' out

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When I get into water that is deeper than my footpegs on my grizzly it starts to want to cut out. Just can keep it running to get out. Have I got water splashing on something or what..'preciate any input ya'll.
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From what I herd sounds like if your bike is nice and hot and you go into the water fast all the steam produced goes under the tank and is sucked into your intake.

The fix from what I understand is to take the tank cover off and run the intake on the outside of the plastic then reinstall the gas tank cover. It will fit on the out side of the cover with a little persistence.

Hope this helps.
The other problem may also be the carb vent lines. Be sure they aren't hanging down where they'd be submerged.

10-4,,I'll check out both of those suggestions...'preciate the replies!!!!I'll let ya'll know what cures it.
Hey Maxx!

I was having the same problem with my 2002 Grizz when it was 1st bought,and it would embarass you on a ride with some of the other manufactured wheelers that were not having these kind of problems.
After I carried the Grizz back to the dealer and had the heat kit installed it has not acted up yet like it had before.It was baptised this last weekend on a couple of good creek crossings that came up to the front rack level and it never sputtered abit. The electronic parts of the wheeler look good and tight but I have always believed in taking electronic sealer and spraying just about every electrical connection from the plug wires to the cdi connections for a little bit of extra protection.If it happens again I will try something like what Extremegrizz has suggested and try to make a sorkel of some kind.You see alot of diffrent ways down here that people have come up with.
10-4 Swampy-Joe,,mines a 2002 also,,,I'm in line to get my heat-kit put on,,I'll let you guys know if that fixes mine,,,Thanks again.....
Hey! Maxx

When you get it back,double check it out to be sure that they hooked up everything.Berore loading mine in the truck I had their mechanic show to me what he fixed and replaced.Spotted right of the bat a clamp to the air cooling system for the belt that was not tightened.I did not say anything but just thanked them for what they done and carried it home.After unloading it I took out a phillips and changed the clamp so it was easier for me to access it in the future.
Hey swampy! This may be a little off subject, but, do you have any pics of your grizz? I hardly ever see the silver l.e.'s but have before, and I think they are the most beautiful machines! Do you know if the plastic for them is the same price as, say, blue? I don't need plastic (YET!!) but, in the future if I do, I would like to change over to silver. They look sweet! Thanx!
I have an 04 Griz and have not experienced this problem. I beleive they made some changes to correct this problem.

I`am behind the times,I have pics but would have to scan them and upload to somebodys web site since I do not have my owen.Did have one at Yahoo once but it was mostly for the Buckmasters hunting pic`s.Closed it out when I changed jobs,and did not have time for it.

The Silver Grizz caught my eye when it came out and I decided if I was going to get a new wheeler it was going to be this one! The 1987 BigBear was still running fine but it was time for another upgrade since I`ve aged a bit along with the BigBear.Took me a few weeks to find in the later part of Sept because everybody down here in the South was sold out of the 2002- 660 Grizz.

A town West of us is where I and another fellow Gas hauler stopped into to see about just a little bit more info on the Grizz at a Combination John Deere and Yahmaha dealer was located.And!!!!!! there on the showroom floor was the Silver Grizz I was looking for. Only thing was It had 28" mudzilla`s on it! Really looked awesome but I knew it was not what I wanted and would be too top heavy.Next day with a lot of help from my wife it was in my pick-up going home with me and with the stock tires on it at the time.

Have not had any regrets!
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Got carried away with my story, that I forgot to respond to the 2nd question that you asked.Actually I don`t know if you can buy a change out of colors on the plastic, a person should be able to though because if I was to rip off a fender and needed a replacement,they should have one in some warehouse some where? If not! This might sound corny,but there are paints out now days from Krylon that are not suppose to peel or crack for just painting plastic material.

The paint on the Silver Grizz will peel if you hit a scratched part of the fender with about 1200 psi spray washer,I know!

But under it is some kind of a primer that is the same color as the paint,has to be a primer because it is not as shining as the original paint is!
Hey Rich!

Your 2004 is suppose to have everything on it that the earlier one`s where having to be recalled on to get the heat problem taken of.

Only bad thing about it is, they did not have enough of the parts to make the fix on hand when they sent the letters out to the owners that where on the recall list and some have been waitig for awhile.

I actually told the dealer if the parts came in that needed to be installed I
would do it my self to keep somebody else`s wheeler from having to wait.They said it could be a liablity problem and that it would have to be done by the dealier,an extra two days involved also.SIGH!!!! Missed my Grizz so much!!!

BUT proud to have it done.
Hey swampy-joe,
Good thing to let me know about. I'll make sure I double-check behind them. I do know even the best mechanics can make a mistake. I'm in line to get mine fixed so it'll be a bit. Thanks again...
Another fix for the steam problem is a power up kit. Uses a K&N PowerFlo air filter. Breathes way better.
BluGrizz,here is a pic of my SilverTip Grizzly. Just scroll down to my post.It is a Canadian Model Only.I would have attached the photo here but don't know how?

(Grizzly Owner)

Another fix for the steam problem is a power up kit. Uses a K&N PowerFlo air filter. Breathes way better.

I'm new here , what does this do about steam from engine Bogging engine ?
My 2004 Griz has ssame prob in water, just had dealer rejet for altitude, 5000+ ft.
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