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Cv boot

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Last Sunday a buddy and I went to Tuttle Creek orv park in Kansas to ride. Had a blast but, somewhere along the way I tore an outer front axle boot, I assume a log or stick was jammed in between it and the guard. Is there anyway to clean, repack, and then replace the boot with a new one? Common sense tells me it will not slip over the end of the joint, but can I disassemble it? - Thanx
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Can't help you with fixin it, but i can help with prevention. Go to the Yamaha Main page (yamaha-motor.com/accessories) and look at the cv boot covers. they are made out of a hard ruff material and wrap around your boots. I bought some for mine and paid about 75 dollars for four of them. they are tough and aint no way a stick could get through them suckers. well worth the money and the yamaha parts guy said with those i would be alright with stock stick stoppers.
I believe it, they really work.

By the way, i've been told when you bust a boot, most the time you need to replace the axle too because trash could get in there. but, i don't know.
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