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August 21 the wisconsinATV.com group had a GREAT ride on the Dead Horse. It's a 57 mile long trail with about 30 miles of round trip and a 27 mile loop at the end. Total ride is close t0 90 miles if riding the whole thing.

The Dead Horse is rated one of the toughest trails in Wisconsin for a reason: it's rocky, mostly narrow, has lots of water, and some Big Mud. In other words: it's a blast to ride!

We started on the south end with 23 machines and made it into the northern loop before we started to split up. By the time I got back I was with only 3 other riders. As far as I know, everyone was able to ride out. I know there was some damage, but I haven't heard of anyone that couldn't limp back.

The Dead Horse is NOT a good trail for either a beginner or a soloist. But with a group of experienced riders, it's a good time to be had by all!
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