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Desert Grab Bar

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does any one have or seen the pmr product's desert grab bar listed in the venders site.i need some kind of rear bumper when i'm on the trails with the nut's i ride with .like to know how it bolts on.i think it looks ok in the pic.
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Pretty sure HooPharted is running one

I've also been interested in this bar since I saw it on the website. I'd love to hear from someone who has one.
Is that like a salad bar only with cake?
thanks doo i checked hoos pictures he is runing one maybe we will chime in . starky its a desert bar it better have beer with that cake
I haven't personally seen the grab bar, but Ihave PRM skid plate and a-arm guards, and I also have some of their itmes for my sport quad, and everything that Ihave seen is of very high quality.

Just my $.02

you're close Starky...its a bar that has cake on it however, you actually grab pieces off it rather than slice them...the concept goes back to Medieval times when Galant Knights would gather round the table and eat from the carcass by grabbing a leg or hunk of meat. Turkey grab bars I think is what they may have called them.
That's called Thanksgiving at our house.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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