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Did I ruin my Grizz?

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Today is the second day owning my 660. I got hit by the hurricane and puddles are way deeper and bigger than they appear. I submerged my Grizz up to the racks and stalled out. I managed to get it going again and get out of the mud/water pit. I don't know anything about mechanics but its running like crap. It olmost feels like the clutch is slipping or something. It runs but I cant get good acceleration at all. I could wheely off of little mounds before, ow it is impossible. What is wrong and what should I do. Any help would be greatly appreciated., sorry about two threads I'm new. Ben
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The first thing to look at is the owners manual for the drain plug on the clutch/belt housing. Sounds like you injested water/mud into it through the intake cooling duck whick is located under the front rack below the black cover. If you find water etc. in the drain hole you may have to tear the thing apart and reclean and grease the clutch, don't wait to do this do it right away.
I have alreadt waited overnight, the only time I can get to it is on my lunch break, is that bad?
I just pulled the V Belt Case Drain Plug and lots of water came out. In the owners manual it says to bring the 660 to a Yamaha dealer because the water could affect other parts of the engine. Do I really need too? Thanks for the help, later today I will check the intake cooling duct. Ben.
If water ran out you probably should take it back to the dealer, most likely the clutch will have to be cleaned and re greased unless you or someone you know can do, But being that it is new I would bring it to the dealer. Anytime you get into water up to the front rack or charge into water and get a wave up on the hood of the machine you will probably suck water into the cooling duct work for the belt and clutch which will in most cases lead to cleaning and greasing of the clutch. There is also a water trap on the shift lever behind the side cover, may as well check that one also.
What I meant by right away is don't keep running it you will do more harm than good, just get it serviced before you really screw it up.
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