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Differential Fluid Change

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How often does everybody change their diff fluid (front and rear)?

I just changed mine for the second time... last time was a little over a year ago. I prefer to change diff fluid and clean the clutch yearly. I would have replaced the belt too, but I couldn't get one before the weekend. And from checking the specs, my current belt (despite having 2000 miles on it) is only slightly past the halfway point for wear.

The front fluid looked very good... nice and clean. The rear fluid was pretty dark. Replaced it with Redline Synthetic 75W90. Last time it was regular Castrol, but I was out of it this time, so I used what I had.

I'm curious to see if the Redline makes things any quieter.

BTW, my total mileage on the machine is 3295.

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Hey RobG!

The 660 Grizz will not be quiet with any kind of oil that you put in it because of the gearing design.I`am not sure about the rear end differential but I know that the front end is loud when running at top speed because of the design of the gears.The front has helical cut gears that are not quit when they are run at higher speeds,but are stronger than the beveled cut gears of the cars and trucks of today.The rear end gears might also be helical but they do seem to make as much noise as the front does.
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