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Electrical Hook Up Question

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I got heated grips for the Grizzly and have run all the wires and hooked them up. The last thing I have to do is hook up the ground and power. The directions are basically non existent. I hooked the blue ground wire up to the neg battery terminal like they suggested. The only wire left to hook up is the gray power wire. They say it should be hooked up to a positive switched power source or auxilliary hook up.... huh???? Can someone please tell me where there is an auxiliary power hook up. If not, can you tell me where the best place to hook up to a switched power source is? I assume they mean when the key is off, the power will also be off so there is no drain on the battery whe not in use. I have the wire run to the electrical box where the fuses are and the relays, so if there is an easy place to hook up there please let me know.


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You should hook it up too your accesory wires on the left side of the bike. Right behind the fender. Check which wire is the hot wire and use an inline splice for that.

Personaly I would tie in under the fornt hood to the accessory wire because it is fused and I believe it is brown with a blue stripe but I will look into my notes tomorrow and try to verify that.
I used the power wire for the socket on the right front fender, the cigarette lighter looking thing, it is hooked to the ignition for on off power with the key, also is fused, that way you have protection. I took off the front rack and hood and tied in under there.

Thought I had better notes than I do so I can't confirm which wire is the accessory wire under the hood. Dannyk used the same wire I am talking about so maybe he remember the color or took notes.

Here are what is under there:
Ignition - Brown (fan circuit)
- Brown / Blue stripe
- Red

Accessory Plug - Green
- White / Black stripe

I know I have used the Brown wire (it is keyed) to power my relay that triggers my reverse and difflock override. Next time I tear the hood off I will have to record what I have done. Other than the override I have two more connections made, one for a temperature gauge and the other for my winch relay and these are the two that I don't have good notes as to which wire I tied into.
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Ok, I have the hood off now, so it will be easy to get to those wires. And, I also have the manual, so I can eaily look and see which wires you guys are talking about. Thank you...

Oh and the grips have their own fuse already inline, so that wasnt a big deal.

Thanks again,

I hooked the power and ground up to the solenoid under the hood (for the winch I think?) Anyway, there is a ground there and also the positive is controlled by the key switch so all seems good. I turned them on and they god "warm" but not real hot and defiantely not hot enough to feel thru gloves. The quad wasn't running due to the radiator hose problem, so I will hold off judgment until I actually ride.

I'll let you know.

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