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EPI clutch kit question for RobG???

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I was wondering if the EPI clutch kit is worth the money? Also is this a complicated job to install by yourself? I realize I will have to buy the clutch tool to go along with the kit also. The best price so far I could find for the kit was $189.99 and $79.00 for the tool. So basically with the shipping it will come close to $300.00 and I was wondering if this investment was worth the $300.00. I have noticed running my 26" mudlites that there is some power loss on the low end. It isn't that bad but I would like to get some of the spunk back I lost by running the larger tires. Any info would be greatly appreciated and thanks for providing us with this great site.
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Have you installed a jetkit? I would try that and see if you regain your lost power. I don't see how you lost any power though,that is such a lite tire you should have lost nothing. I like the epi clutch kit that was installed on my bike but the only reason I did it was I lost some power in thick mudholes. I have 26 mudzillas which are a lot heavier than the mudlites and the only time I could feel the loss in power was in the mud. The jetkit is less money and pretty easy to install yourself
The EPI kit does two things: It re-clutches the machine to handle the larger tires, and it makes the clutches grip much more tightly so there's less chance of the clutches inside the transmission slipping.

If you aren't going to be doing serious mudding, you may be able to get away with just re-clutching, and that isn't anywhere near as costly.

I suggest contacting EPI and seeing if you can buy just the clutch weights to go with your machine for the elevation where you ride. That part of the job is easy and the weights should cost no more than $50-60 for all eight. If they won't sell you just the weights, then there may be other places that will.

RobG thanks, I will check out the EPI website again. Where I ride, there isn't alot of serious mud holes, mostly hardpack, so maybe just buying the weights would do the trick. The $50 or $60 seems like a much better deal versus $300.

John, I didn't rejet and I expirienced the same thing you did when I went thru a deep muddy hole. Not bad power loss but when I would go thru that very same hole with the stock tires it would just ease thru it seems. Anyway I will give the clutch weights a try and if that doesnt help maybe a rejet will be done.

Thanks guys for the info and I will keep you updated on the results.
i just have one question.

the tool u r talking about is a spring compressor, for the clutch spring?

if i understand correctly.

WHY spend 80$ on that when u can do it with your and a friends hands.

taking it of its jyst to use a plyer like a robogrip, and mounting one person compresses the spring with washer with your hands and the other guy screws it back on.

and u change the spring of course.
Gulfi and RobG

I never did purchase the EPI clutch kit, way too much money if you ask me. I went with the Dalton kit and it only cost me $89.00 compared to $189.00 for the EPI kit. I really like the Dalton clutch kit so far and I am very pleased with the results. For the amount I spent for it I couldn't go wrong and the grizzly seems to have alot more low end power now turning the 26" mudlites. When the machine is in LO range and I throttle up, the grizzly will wheelie like nothing now. Before the only way it would wheelie was if I found a small bump/hill and hit it hard, she would come up. Now on flat ground from a dead stop she comes right up, no problem. Keep in mind I didn't get the clutch kit to do wheelies. I just wanted to get the low end back, which it did indeed do and then some! I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for your suggestions and help guys.
Where is the best place to get the Dalton Kit?


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