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I have a 2000 grizzly and the baffles are starting to rust through. I would like to replace the full exhaust system with a similar or deeper grunt. What would y'all suggest?
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Realy happy with my White Brothers pipe, MUCH beter sound than the stock pipe with the baffle out (sounds like a helecopter in my opinion). The e-series allows you to adjust your power band by adding or removing discs from the muffler, and it DOES make a noticable differance!
I have herd real good things on the HMF brand. Just my 2cents worth.
i highly recommend a hmf utility exhaust. i did the exhaus and jet kit and it gave me some serious torque and midrange power increase. i got mine for $220.00 shipped from an atv shop called leeson's import motors(304-842-5469). hmf referred me to them because i needed it quick. i also heard supertrapp isdx exhaust isnt to shabby either...my2cents
Had the FMF for a few months until the insides busted appart. Power wasn't noticable and sound was ummmm.. not appealing. not that it was overly loud just not a good sound. Now I'm using(borrowing) a Pro Circuit pipe. Looks very well built but it's louuuuud! Maybe with the quiet core it would be nice. Big power increase though, feels mostly in the bottom -make wheelying effortless. Thinking now of buying a Dubach pipe.
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