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Floor Board / Foot Pegs

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A really quick, inexpensive, simple modification, will make a radical change to your riding experience.

Remove the two (one on each floorboard, left & right) metal toothed strips and the two bolts off of your floorboards. Discard the origional bolts and nuts.
Take 4 (12mm X 50mm Galvanised bolts) with 8 nuts and 16 spring washers.

Take a metal toothed strip in you hand, place the bolt & washer though it and fasten the nut. Repeat until all 4 bolts are fixed to the metal toothed strips.

Now fasten the metal toothed strips to the plastic floorboard!

The nett effect is the metal toothed strip are raised by the height of a nut.
This is all you need for the teeth to grip your riding boots at the heel and give you a far more "in control" feel!!
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Photo of modification
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