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Found a good price on a rack pack...

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Anyone here get a Summit catalog in the mail? www.summitracing.com They carry a line of packs called Wolf Products. Here's Wolf's home page with higher prices than what summit carries them for. But at least you can see what I'm talking about. For $45 I may try this one.

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Still looking for opinions. This price is hard to beat.

Seems like a good enough deal but make sure it has "closed cell siding" inside. My neghbor bought one similar to the one you are looking at and it lays flat when nothing is inside. He has to fill the entire bag for it to take it's shape, which really isn't that great. The Moose cargo bag I have has the closed cell sides and it can be completely empty and it still will retain it's shape. The Wolf Product bag looks like a good deal but just make sure it has the good sides vesus the plain 600 Denier Polyester material only. I also think the one he bought that he got it from Cabelas, but I am not sure which brand it was. Tell you what, if you buy my tires I will throw in the bag! My tires have little wear and you know the story about the Moose bag. Just thought I'de throw that your way into the mix!
With rims? :p
I ended up ordering this pack. $50 shipped to my door. Seems like a good deal to me.
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Last one I promise.
My experience, and also frineds I ride with, is that the soft bags do not stand up well to repeated wet muddy conditions. We found the zippers getting caked with mud and being difficult to open or close. Eventually they seem to have water seep into them. Loose tools or other objects eventually seem to find a way to punch through the bag. And the hard boxes offer a back rest when you stop.

Anyway good luck with it.
I can see how the hard pack would have advantages. The good thing is I'm not much of a mud person. If it's there I'll cross through it, but I won't search for it. I'm more of a technical trail rides. I like rocks and hill climbs. THe price was right, so I just figured I'd give it a shot.

As long as you are not getting it caked with mud and soaked with water it will serve you well.
First...Love the screen name. Secondly, you've got me thinking. Now I'm honestly reconsidering my pack. I may go for the a solid cargo box instead. Dang I wish things were more black and white! :)


My cargo bag has lasted me for 3 yrs and only recently I had to replace it. DKNARD is correct to a "T" in his post. I am not a serious mudder and I tried to keep my cargo bag clean, always lubed the ziper with silicon and the zipper still gave me issues. It sucks when you are toolin down the trail, the zipper pops open, and the guys behind you are picking up all your gear! Also as DK mentioned, tools and anything with some weight "will wear thru" the material unless you place a piece of plywood on the bottom like I had to do after I lost all my Craftsman sockets and a few wrenches. That is why I went with this box and it was only $109.00 plus shipping from "Sportsman Guide". It's a great box that is very well made and I couldn't be more happier.
I found a guy on highlifter.com selling one for $85. When he sends me a pic if it looks good, I'll return this one and use the hard bag. The more I think of it, even avoiding mud I can still see it getting mud on it. Having to remove everything, hose it off etc. The zipper, stuff moving around. Here's to hoping the one that guy has is as new as he says.

Well the guy on Highlifter had no idea what he was talking about. He had a larger Tamarack box and thats not what I was looking for. So I'm returning my Wolfpack and ordered a Kolpin from Norhtern Tool along with a new set of tires for my trailer (had a blowout this weekend). The Kolpin box was $114.99 on Northern Tools site as opposed to $94.93 on Sportmans Guide.com. It was sold out on Sportsmanguide.com and Northern Tool has a 110% price guarantee. So....I bought the Kolpin there and submitted my invoice and print out of the other website for the price match. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed!

Blue, can you snap a picture of underneath your Kolpin box ao I can see how you added the extra ubolts.

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