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front diff seal leak

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My front differential has started leaking oil. it is the rear seal that the intermediate shaft feeds into. I plan to undertake this repair operation this weekend and was wondering if anybody else has had this problem. My local dealer says it is a three hour operation @ $60/hr. Has anyone taken this job on ???
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I have don this replacement. It's really not that bad. The easiest thing to do is take out the 4 bolts holding the front diff. on. then you can slid it foreword and the drive shaft will slide out of the universals. And you can then take the diff. Out. Of course you will want to take the wheels off 1st. And you will need to the hubs off. But it’s not that bad.
I’ve tried to put a link on this web sight before to (My Pics) but I can’t seem to get it to work. If you go to ( http://forum.atvstore.com/index.php?showtopic=1487 ) just click on (My-Pics ) at the bottom of my post and there are pictures of me doing the seal replacement. If clicking on this link won’t work just go to
www.ATVStore.com Click on forums at the top of the page. Go down to, Teams, Clubs & Gangs, Click on WNF Gang, Then click on Winter Banner Contest

From that post you can click on (MY-Pics) to view the pictures.

If some one knows how to put links to other plasces on here please let me know.

Did you take your diff completely out of the bike ?? I was thinking that i could change it in the bike if i could slide it far enough for the intermediate shaft to come off and out of the way. i will use an air impact to try to get the pinion nut off and access the seal. after doing yours, do you think it is possible that way without having to take the front end apart?

by the way, did your driveshafts come apart or did they just slip off the spline and stay assembled? i have not ever touched the shafts or taken them apart. my dealer tried to tell me how to do the seal change. his explanation was similar to yours. i may be just over-estimating the job difficulty by thinking that the front end is hard to disassemble. i guess i will see on saturday.
Yes I took the diff clear out and laid it on the floor. SO much easier to work on. Yes you can do it while it's still in there. But I think it would take you longer that way. And a few more beers, Ha!
Yes the axle shafts slip out of the spindled receiver on the universal. The universal stays in place and intact. .
Another thing you need to know is there’s a needle bearing down in there that the pinion gear rides on. And if the differential isn’t laying flat, that is with the pinion gear facing up. The needles could come out of the bearing and then you got’s a problem. It is one pain in the A$$ to get that little bearing out of there. I know, it happened to me.
If you can get to the web sight I posted and get to my pictures. I think it would help you.

If you want to give me an e-mail address I'll send you the pictures I have of changing the front bearing & seal.

I did the job this past saturday and was able to change the seal in the bike without much problem. It was a timely and tedious operation though. Thanks for the help.
My 05 grizz is leaking oil in the front diff now too. It seems to be leeking where the drive shaft enters the front diff and possibly at the bottom of the differential case(could just be dripping down though). I would like to know what part you think is malfunctioning(which seal or gasket)?.I would really like to avoid brining it to a shop since they are all a rip off. Thanks, Ben.
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