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Front differential

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I have a noise in the front end of my 2002 grizzly. I think it must be something worn in the limited slip. Would anyone have any ideas of what to look for???? I ve checked the actuator motor for an engaging problem and it seemed ok. thanks
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My 2002 Grizzly has always had what I call "gear growl" coming from the front differential. Anytime the wheels are turning, it is the sound of loose gears.
I removed the front differential this morning, and disassembled it. There doesn't appear to be any damage, and the oil is free of metal particles, but the gears are square cut, and make noise when you even turn the pinion gear by hand against the ring gear. The gear case seams to amplify the sound. I am trying to figure out what to do next. My friends' 2000 Grizzly doesn't make any noise from its front end. A new 2005 Grizzly that I rode at a dealership this afternoon was much quieter than mine. I have 400 miles on mine.
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