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Good webpage!

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While surfing around I found a guys personal webpage with some GREAT videos of the new brute force in action. There are SEVERAL videos of it in VERY deep water, mud and even some videos of his modifications (ie. snorkle). Here it is enjoy! Oh, and I really dont think that guy on the Grizzly has any idea how to drive it LOL!!! man he is horrible

P.S. If you cant get the videos I downloaded them just incase his site goes down. Let me know and I can try to post them on my webpage for you to download and watch.

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I am guessing everyone went to this site and saw the videos?

I looked at the photos of the grizzly and discovered why he struggles so bad in the mud...he is running bear claws 25"...they have next to no tread!!! The other guys that are making it through the mud are running mudlites or 589's hehe..goes to show you that tire selection can mean the difference between winching out and driving out!

I did go to the website but when I tried to view the video, for some reason I cannot get it to work on my PC. It sucks getting old and senile! When I worked as a toolmaker/moldmaker machinist I could operate expensive equipment & machinery like nobody's business, but for the life of me I cannot seem to get down this COMPUTER STUFF! I guess I am not "DOT COM" qualified.... time to go for a ride I guess, OK where did I park my Grizzly?????????
LOL!! Maybe this will help. Cut and paste the link and see if you can see this video..


You will see a link for download this item...click it to view or right click and click save as...put it on your desktop and then once downloaded watch it from your pc's desktop...

P.S. The one I linked to is a good mud hole that I would love to hit with my new mudlites and show them a yamaha is very capable.
LoL to bluegrizzly.

I would have watched the videos but my dial up is just to slow!!
Thanks Marine!

Very cool video indeed, but I do have to agree with the caption. "The owner of the Grizzly should have let his woman drive it" LOL He does not know how to attack a mudhole. That did look like some real sloppy sticky mud. Awesome video nevertheless.
Yeah, and if you look the tires where already cacked with mud (crappy tire choice for mud) and they did not clean themselves when he gunned it to hit the hole. The guy with the brute force was running mudlites and if you watched they selved cleaned very very well!

there are lots of videos on that guys page...I am hoping to make some of my own videos this weekend of me playing with my new tires setup in the deep nasty stuff...its been raining for 2 days and the trails I ride already have some large holes. They will be REALLY nasty now!!

Here is a photo of a hole after 2-3 weeks of NO rain... and the middle of it was over the racks on that rubicon and its running 27" blackwaters
finally got around to downloading the mud video. Took a little over a hour but it was well worth it. Kind of shocking to see that none of the Yamaha's made it through.
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