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Great New Tires

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Like to thank you guys for your input on tires. I read a couple magazines as well, talked to a few guys at the trails. Bought the 27" 589 M/S tires on type 5 wheels.

Got to tell you all the threads I read were right on! These tires HOOK UP!!! NO noticable power loss at all, in fact I'd say it feels a little beter than before because of less spinning on hard acceleration! The Grizz feels like it just got a big shot of viagera!

My biggest fear was that the taller tires would make it even more tippy feeling, believe it or not it feels a good bit more stable! (heavier tires, wider stance)

Down side; everybody was also right about the ride quality! It aint for old women or little wimps anymore. Steering will grab hold of somthing and suprise you once in a while to (duhh, trippled the traction!).

Summary: Dont be whimpy when you make your decision! Get the BIG tires, dont worry about the 3 extra pounds everybody is so afraid of (put down that wopper if its weight your worried about)!!! Besides, what a great excuse to add more power!!!
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Glade to hear you are happy with your decision in the tires and rims you picked. Have fun!!
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