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Great Ride!

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I went riding with my nephew, neice, brother, father, and my wife for new years and had an absoute blast! I took the grizzly into its first DEEP mud hole and got it stuck with the 26" mudlites and locked up LOL.

After crossing a fairly deep mudhole at the lakebed (the water is lowered for winter months) I was "dared" to cross back across closer to the lake and in a MUCH deeper hole. The first hole I crossed to get where I was went to the top of the tires...I laughed and said here goes nothing get the winch lines out LOL...I hit the hole and got almost completely through and then when the front tires started trying to climb up the steep hill on the other side of the mud and I was spinning I heard my muffler go under...now I began to panic and quickly threw the bike into diff lock. I punched it again and the front tires slid to the right and I was now smack in the middle of this huge crevis full of slopply mud...not to be outdone I punched the bike for a third and final time...I got about 3 foot in this slop and then realized that I was so deep on my right side that the mud was to my knee!! I figured it was time to hollar to a tow and my father had to pull me free of this goop..

Well, during this mudding fiasko (sp) my skid plate that goes from the footpeg to the front part of the frame got bent. I am going to try and take it apart and see if I can repar this until I can afford to get me the new skids (probably PRM or Aluminum products)...I wish I had some photos but we forgot the camera.
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Oh sure, forget the camera when you are caught in a mudhole! LMAO Glad you folks had fun.
Thanks blue, it definitly was fun!! I am afraid that if I did have the camera it would have been destroyed by mud.

It was also impressive to me that given the mud was up to the lights on one side that the belt housing never leaked and when I pulled the plug NOTHING came out...and the belt NEVER slipped!!! my scheptisim of belt trannies has become a thing of the past (assuming it lasts 2000 miles before needed changing)
I have to second the oh sure forgot the camera, in a pigs a$$ you forgot it, you were just to ashamed to post the pic's here for all to see, we all know that. But on a more serious note why wouldn't you expect it to last over two thousand miles, I have that many on mine now, but I am running stock shoes. As long as you are geared right and us low range when you should it should last a long time. My XLT snowmobile had 10,000 miles on it and was still running the stock belt. Glad you had fun, Danny
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