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Griz blowing oil

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My 2003 seems to be blowing a lot of oil out the vent tube into the airbox. At first I thought maybe I'd just overfilled it--but it blows it past the "normal" fill level on the dipstick.

The oil and filter were just changed. After 120 miles she's low on oil again.

Any idea what causes so much oil to blow out?
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Could be bad rings maybe depending on how much oil we are talking. Maybe alot of blow by, not sure though. Does it smoke at all out the exhaust?
Quite a lot of oil, actually. I changed the oil and filter, verified that it was to the top of the "full" mark on the stick, rode 121 miles and it was all the way off of the stick.

I guess that's not a lot of quarts of oil, but it's a lot of potential damage!

Doesn't blow smoke that I'm aware of.
hi my 04 grizz is doin the same thing its in the shop as we speak. it used alot of oil evertime i rode it , but never really noticed any come out of the exhaust let ya no more when i find out
My friend's 2002 had oil in the airbox and air filter. It was due to the valves needing adjustment. Once he did, it ran better and no more blowby.

Here's the scoop. I finally figured out that it isn't blowing oil into the airbox, like I thought--the air tube was clean, no oil. Therefore, not blowing oil through it.

I took it in to have the valves, belt and brakes checked and mentioned the oil usage problem. They did a blow-by test and determined it's leaking a little around the rings. Not enought to be a problem, in and of itself, but not an easy fix, either. Apparently, the cylinder is slightly out of round from wear. The mechanic called his contact at Yamaha and they confirmed that it's a problem on the 660 engine. (He also adjusted the valves, which may help some if it was experiencing both problems. Regardless of whether adjusting the valves reduces the oil loss, it starts easier and is less cold blooded--both are good things!) (Belt was fine, brakes all got replaced)

The "fix?" $500 to bore it and put in a new piston. And it will stay fixed until it wears, again. Sounds like a job for next winter since I'm sure it will take a week or two--they ship the cylinders out to have them ground.

And, since I had some trouble with overheating last summer, I'll wait until I'm sure that problem is solved before I get it bored. I'm hoping to keep it cool by keeping the radiator cleaner. If that doesn't do the job it's getting a High Lifter radiator kit early this summer--like, right after it overheats the first time. I'll be pulling a trailer on a couple camping trips this summer and an overheating engine just won't do at all.

In the meantime, I check the oil religously and keep adding to it.

Bummer, dude.
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If you're going to spend that kind of money to fix it, you might as well bore it 2 mm and make it a 686. Maybe consider raising the compression a little and adding a cam and you'll pick up some decent power.

I'm not sure what I'll do. More power isn't an issue--it has plenty. I didn't ask what the "next size" was that the mechanic mentioned. If I go 2mm is there room to do it again, if needed? Or does that run it out of metal to grind?
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