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grizz colors

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Is the camo color really scratch resistant? Are any of the ohter colors any more scratch resistant thatn the other. I have also heard that if the blue bends there will be white stretch marks in the plastic.
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If you do get those white marks in the blue plastic, You can use a heat gun to remove them. I did this to my raptor when I had it and my friends warrior. $6300 is great price for the Grizz. If I wanted to travel up to 3 hours I could find one at that price but I'm going to settle for a little more money and little bit closer.

The Camo is no more scratch resistant than any of the other colors I belive, its just harder to see the scratches. They tend to blend into the camo pattern better than on the solid colors where the plastic is real shinny to start with. I have the blue one and I love the color but when riding in the woods it does tend to show the scratches and acuff marks, especially on the outter edges of the fenders. I got a tree branch stuck between the fender and the back of the floor board. After I removed it I was left with a minnor white mark on the edge of the fender.

I keep hearing the heat gun trick and need to try it, but I think I will try it out on my Raptor first to see how it goes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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