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Grizz Floor board fix???

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The Grizz got beat up - only the support brackets on the floor boards at a recent rock climb at Paragon. Does anyone have a fix? Any pics. I'm thing of 1x1, make a u frame, 2 cross supports, weld it, screw on an aluminum skid - if anyone beat me to the punch, please let me see some pics or info.
Much appreciated,
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Someone on here did a post on this mod. I think his name is "Gulfi" or something like that. Try and do a search or check members list and maybe he has some pics in his profile. How far is Newtown from Woodstock? If it's not that far you are more then welcome to join us on our next ride out this way. I know you did send me your phone number and I do apologize for not calling you to invite you to ride. I knew Kingsmit and Doolin64 wanted to ride and I forgot all about you and for this I am sorry. I will let you know when we plan another ride here and if you want to join us you are more then welcome to come along.
I removed the stock bolts,placed big nuts in the opening ,a flat fender washer bigger than the hole on top and put in longer bolts.I did paint the fender washers black so it would blend.They work great.Just be sure the bolts dont stick down too far or rocks will hit them.
I did a similar thing to banshman, used roofing washers (6) to fill the gap, then a big flat washer, now it holds very well!!

You can see in this Lion photo (bolts/washers still silver)
I did the same thing as banshman and beast except I used a beg red rubber spacer that goes on battery cables with a large fender washer over the top of it and the longer bolt. Two holes on each side of my floorboards have been rigged like this and is holding up well.
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