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Grizzly 660 maintenance manual

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Any one able to email me the maintenance manual for my 2005 Grizzly 660, the link on the silicone temple site is not working! My email [email protected] Thanx in advance
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I just emailed the link again. I hope it works for you. Good luck

Did the link I emailed you work? would be nice to know if it did or not.....
I bought the maint. manual, owners manual, about 3 other electronic books about the grizz, and an interactive 3D "tour" (REALLY COOL), all on EBay for $2.00.
Does any one have owners manual they can e mail in pdf
Thanks Jim Babcock
[email protected]
What excatly is on the 3D tour? That sounds neat!!! Is it something that you can post or zip up and email?

I would like a copy of that
if this helps, i founds one on line. its a 408 page manual, in a pdf file format. i have the zip file. pm, or email and i will send it to you.

Hey, guys, I just bought an 03 grizzly and sure could use the service/maintenance maual as the factory manual did not come with the machine either. What was that site again?


2003 Grizzly yet to be modified
Got to mudanddirt.com Then the tech section and it is on the left side in PDF format.........Irv
Thanks, got it. Don't want to hit the print button by accident on that one!

The manual on mudanddirt.com says it is the YM660FP first edition 2001. So is this manual for a 2001 only?
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