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Grizzly floorboards?

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What have some of you people done to strengthen the floorboards and floorboard supports on your Grizzlys? I have an '04 Grizzly that I take rockcrawling frequently, and the floorboards almost get torn off when they get hooked on a rock. Both floorboard supports on both sides of my Grizzly need to be replaced, so before replacing them with OEM ones I thought I would see what other people have done to make their Grizzly floorboards more durable.

Hate to say it, but those steel nerf bar style floorboards on the new Arctic Cat 650 sure look like a lot better design than all of the cheesy plastic stuff we get with our Grizzlys.


'04 Camo Grizzly: 27" Radial Outlaws; C-Series wheels; Dalton clutch; 2500 lb Warn Winch
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check my profile there i have fotos and drawing of how i mounted my floorboards.

and with the "peggs" that i made they r rock solid!
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