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Greetings all
I have been lurking here for the last couple of weeks reading all of the great info.I've been gathering all the info I can on all the big bore quads out there, I'm planning on purchasing one in the next few months..

I believe from all the research I've done ,the Grizzly sounds like the quad for me. It was sort of down to the King Quad 700 & the Grizzly.I kind of like the KQ 700, but it's just too new on the market for me. I don't trust buying a quad that is new from the ground up, the first model year of even a mild change can result in some problems... I'm already hearing some negative stuff that has broken and resulting in lost riding time, due to un-available parts, on the KQ...

I like all the good things I'm hearing about the Grizzly, it seems to really fit my riding style and needs...I wanted to thank WVbigdog for posting this website on the Tower City trail riders forum. That's where I ride most of the time, currently on a DR650 dual sport bike.I sold my last quad a few years ago (Polaris 425 Magnum 4x4)and I really miss riding them. I see soo many of them at Tower City and it really gave me the itch again...Most all of the questions I had were answered by just reading through all of the postings on here...
Thanks for the great info.....

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Well good to hear from you Dave. I can say for myself and my wife that we both love our Grizzly's. As long as you done the research, like we did and find the machine that best suits your riding style more than likley you cant go wrong. It seems to me so far that the grizzly offers so much in options and plenty in performance and power you would come to expect from a 4x4 atv, that you can not go wrong, at least in my opinion.

Both me and my wife have been rock crawling, trail riding and some mudding so far and have been far impressed with its ability to handle all conditions. Would not choose a different machine yet...untill the new Grizzly?...lol
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