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Grizzly Stock Tires/Rims

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I have the Grizzly Stock Tires and Rims for sale! Here is a photo, if you are interested make me an offer PM me or email me @ [email protected]
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Hey Marine!
You might have trouble selling these tires to a grizzly owner! :)
We all got rid of 'em...and for good reasons
Yes the silver wheels are easy to come buy, now if you had the black ones they would sell in a heart beat. But hey someone may need them, check eBay to see if they are selling on there and if they are that is the place to put them. Most of the people on any of the forums are of the mindset to mod the crap out of the machine.
There are people that actually prefer this type of tire so they dont tear up the yard ect. And the rims are actually in high demand as they don't have the offset that the aftermarket rims have.

Yet others just like to have a spare set of tires for trail riding and their aggressive mud tires and having the stock tires seprate on the stock rims allows one to quickly switch between fast trail riding tire to a hardcore mudding tire with 4 lugnuts...

I have a set too, with 50 miles on them. Just upgraded to the ATR's and ITP wheels. I'm going try ebay for selling. Let you know how I do!

How much are you guys wanting for your tire and wheel sets?
I would be interested in the wheels, they are better than Honda wheels cause they have the lip bent out instead of in like Honda OEM. Alot less chance for leaks. How much for the wheels. Really don't need tires.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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