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Hand Guards

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Another product question here... This is a good place to ask to get a variety of views on things.

I was thinking of getting a pair or hand guards, but for wind only... not really needed for protection.

Anyone have a pair they like? Where did you get them?

Price is a concern since I see some of the metal reinforced ones are pretty expensive. I am just looking for a cheap wind block to go along with the good gloves I am getting.


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Hi Grizzly NJ,

I have a set of Acerbiz gaurds and the extention pieces.

They are strong, and offer great protection.

Here is a link..

You can see what they look like on my griz, on this photo of my girlfreind riding.
I have a pair of the Moose plastic guards on just for the purpose you are asking about. They also help allot in keeping brush or briars off of your hands. Can't recall what I paid for them now but it was not much.
I just ordered the Moose ones. Thanks for all the help.
Hey, Grizzly NJ,

Just consider one thing when fitting hand gaurds.

If you fit the normal closed type, and you fall (like I did), the gaurd can break your wrist!
point taken.. thanks. Guess I just have to not fall then... see simple. :)
Hi Grizzly NJ,

A mechanic gave me a suggestion yesterday, that when fitting Hand Gaurds, wrap insulation (electricians) tape around the handle bar first, then do not overtighten lower brackets. On the bolts that go "into" the handle bar, loosen them 3 turns.

This gives you all the Brush and Weather protection you need. HOWEVER when/if you fall, it gives, and swivels on the bar, and will not break your wrist.

I changed my Grizzly and the Polaris yesterday.
I have Maier ones on my Grizzly and like 'em a lot. I also added heated grips which are nice too.

Good idea on setting 'em up to rotate.

cool. I got them in the mail on Friday and are just what I wanted. Didnt put them on yet as they sent me the wrong thermo part so I couldnt go riding anyway. The Yamaha parts diagram is actually wrong for the 2002 660 Electrical, so the parts numbers are switched for the two thermos... hence, I got the wrong one and have to wait a week to get the right one. I can't believe I was the first one in 3 years to see this mistake!

I'll try your advise. Thanks,

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