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im a rokie and im having trouble going downhill,i think because I weigh 325lbs[no fat jokes lol]and im 6'2" i cant seem to get enough weight to the back of the bike cause of the handlebars.this is a theory but most would not know because they dont weigh that much.anyhow i figure if i can get bars that come back about 4"i could get some weight on the backside of the bike.any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated thanks
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The only thing I can think of is to adjust the bars so they are tilted back towards you. You may gain some inches there, but I am puzzled as to why you are having problems going downhill. I weigh 240 pounds and I am only 5'6", I do realize you have 85 pounds more weight then me but with the Grizzly engine braking along with a low range capability, you should be able to crawl down hills.
I dunno how the bars are setup from the factory (meaning if there's a standard setting -- probably not), but adjusting them backwards a little is usually a good idea anyway. I sat on a guy's new '04 Grizzly a few days ago and wondered why his bars were so far forward.

He tried my machine and liked the positioning of the bars, so we adjusted his aft to the same position, and he liked it a lot better.

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