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greetings fellow grizzlies
just purchased a new 05 blue grizzly.
have about 300 miles on her in the last month.
did my first oil change. used amzoil 0w 40 synthetic. seems to be great.
one thing I have noticed, under hard acceleration, my machine pulls hard then bogs and starts pulling again. is this normal? I have also noticed that between 30mph to the top speed, the acceleration/pull is slower. I thought it was a plugged air filter, but it seems fine. It started to do this after a 35 mile long ride. I have not ever put water into the clutch so that is not it.
could it be after break in, the spark plug is gone, or the carbs are off, or valves are out?
any help would be appreciated.
also, just purchased a k&n filter and a power jet kit.
Will this wake this beast up?
thanks for the advice

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Hello Waterboy !

Start with the simplist thing ! The spark plug. I,ve seen these things do some strange stuff when they are going bad. I,ve got a 1987 Big Bear that a plug started acting up on me, it would not start or idle unless you had the throttle almost half way open and as soon as you released the throttle it would try to die!

And I,ve seen other wheelers that it would crank and run fine at idle but would fall on it,s face from half throttle to wide open. You would think automatically that this was a fuel system problem, but it was not in a couple of cases that I,ve seen.

The rider had a spare and we stopped long enough to do the change on the trail ride, and guess what! It came to life like it was suppose to,so all was well.

The second thing that could be your problem might be a a float plunger valve, it could be sticking enough that when you gas on it and almost emptys the bowel of gas from the carburator that it bogs on you before the plunger valve opens back up to try and refill the bowel.

If this is the case it throws your jetting way off.It can also cause flooding.
When you stop for a little bit to take a break do you smell gas ?

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waterboy, I had a similar problem. When I first got my grizz it would sputter than rev than sputter. It would only do it at low speeds. I replaced the plug and never had the problem again. my buddy just bought a grizz and had the same problem as mine. It has happened to him twice with only 15 hours on the bike.

The jet kit and filter is a huge improvement. I just installed mine plus a hmf pipe and my grizz is pretty bad ass. Enough to get my buddy who has a rincon with the same mods worried.
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