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Help with grizzly rear brakes!

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When I slam on ther rear handle break and it starts to come to a stop it makes a loud couple of clunking noises. and they dont lock up unless I use the foot lever. Any help would be appreciated I just bought it yesterday.
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Check around and do a search on the rear brakes, there is a thread somewhere on here all about the rear brake chatter. Nothing to be worried about though, it is caused by the rear brake being mounted on the rear drive shaft.
and it doesn't do it when im in mud or something slick

Extreme is correct on your noise problem and many inculding myself have heard this when new and worried. From what I can interpit is that the shaft has "slack" and when the rear brakes are applied sharply it will cause a "slapping sound" from the slack in the shaft. Even my 2001 Kodiak did the same exact thing, it's a normal sound.

Yes it is an alarming sound, but not to worry, me and another of my friends(REDGRIZ) bought 03's about two months apart and we were alarmed at the sound as well. We have been riding them hard now for almost two years and it has never been a problem what-so-ever. Ride it like you're mad at it !!!!

[email protected] "ride it like you're mad at it"!!!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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