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I recently had to remove the front end plastic to inspect the radiator. I was very careful to check the wires and the plugs and thought that all wires were the same color on both sides of the plugs, well upon assembly I am down to 4 plugs that don’t have matching wires.
One is a 2 prong that comes off the same harness as the switch plug, it’s color is 1 pink with 2 gray dots and a black with 2 gray dots and the connector is white female. I think this is the power wire for the accessories plug on the fender but that wire off the fender is white with black stripe and the other wire is green.

Then we have a wire that comes from the left brake handle both wires are black and the connector is white male.

Same from the right brake lever except the plug is black male.

There is a 2 prong that is also coming from the switch harness that has a yellow wire with a gray spot and a brownish wire with a gray spot the connector is black female.

The last wire is a 2 prong black wire gray spot and a black wire yellow strip gray spot connector is white female

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When I changed my front fender out (color swap), I found that all of the plugs were unique so that it was pretty much impossible to screw anything up...

That failing, trace where the wires go and try to determine which wires do what. Should be pretty straightforward.

Hope this is at least a little helpful...

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