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I am new to this site. I just bought a 2004 Green Griz got 167km on it in 1 week. Great bike, the only problem that I have found with it is that making a tight turn at a slow speed I get a cracking noise from under the bike, almost sounds like something is loose but I checked everything and it is all tight the only thing that is added to the bike is the plow mounting bracket done at dealer if anyone has had this problem please help
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Welcome to the site. I wish I could help you but I havent had this problem noise as of yet. My best advice would be to take it in to your dealer and have them check it out good. Being a new machine it should be covered under your 6 month warranty. That's what I would do, in any case good luck and I hope they find the problem.
My best first guess without actually hearing the noise is a bad CV joint. It wouldn't surprise me, given Yamaha's inability to choose quality parts for their machines...

Like blue said, have your dealer check it out.

Not that it matters but I will have to agree in that it sounds like a bad cv, make sure you get to the dealer. I think if you look around in the forum you will find a similer thread that was started about the same problem and it was a cv. Good luck and have fun with your new machine
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