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Hey blue!!!!

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Did you try out the plow with the snow today? Nice small little storm to start out the plowing season. I was shoveling wishing I had a quad to plow with today. Soon enough though.

Got another question. Where did you buy your quad and what price did you pay? I'm searching for a good price. I really don't want to pay retail. So far the best I've found is $6,999 Not bad but I'd like to see if there's some better out there..

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I did get to use the plow today and it works great as expected. I am very happy with the results, although the skids hit the 26" Mudlites when it was angled to the furthest setting. I ended up just taking the skids off, that's the way I ran my other plows on my previous machines anyway. I also like the new design Moose has for the push tubes(extended lift), My old Moose set-up had the straight tubes and the plow when lifted, would only raise up about 8" off the ground. The way they have it now the plow comes off the ground alot higher, making it much easier to manuever.

When I bought my machine I got it from Cycle Design in Philipston Ma. I paid $6300.00 tax included and that was the best deal I could find around here, other then driving all the way up into New Hampshire where there is no sales tax involved. I guess the price you were quoted isn't that bad because my neighbor just bought an '05 and he paid $7300.00 plus sales tax of 6%. I can't imagine what these machines will be selling for in the next few years!
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Thats crazy that he paid that much. They've been the same retail for the past few years. So I'd think a similar deal should be able to be made at least withing a $100-$200. Did he try Cycle Design? Thats where I bought my 87 RM125 back in the day. I'll have to give them a call. If I have to I will travel to NH. I've called a few dealerships but they want to see me to talk dollars. What color did your neighbor get? I was dead set on Blue but I'm starting to like the red a lot. Did the $6300 include the winch? How much was the winch and plow setup? Sorry for all the questions.


I did inform my neighbor about Cycle Design and he called them. The problem was that he(neighbor) did not want to wait three weeks untill Cycle Design got more Grizzlys in. I told him to wait but he was insistant he wanted a Grizzly ASAP so he ended up paying $1000.00 more then I did but he did get the $69.00 winch deal and he paid full price for his plow set-up. I frankly couldn't believe why he paid so much for his machine, but I guess "to each his own" as they say. He did get the blue color and for what he paid, he should have it pinstripped with gold leaf paint!

When I bought from Cycle Design there was no winch deal at that time. However I did take advantage of 6 month zero percent financing through Yamaha. Then in 5 months from the purchase date I rolled it over onto my Discover card and I just paid it off this past summer. The Warn winch I bought from Rocky Mountain for $280.00 and the mounting plate was $45.00. The plow set-up I bought from Yamaha/Kawasaki of Putnam for $440.00 tx included. Hope this info helps in your quest.
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Yes it does! I really thank you for letting me know these prices.

Well, I just got off the phone with CycleDesign. Haven't talked prices yet, but they have a Limited Edition and Camo one is stock. I told them I wanted Blue or Red. She checked wiht the manager and said they could have either in a week. Then she calls back and says the service dept. is unloading a truck with a blue one on it....sheesh I wish my Zuk was sold. I may still go through with the process though :) I'm going to run up there tommorrow on my day off.

When I was looking to upgrade the Kodiak for a Grizzly I wanted to wait until I sold the Kodiak. Then I just said "screw it", and I financed the Grizzly on my Yamaha credit card and ended up selling the Kodiak 5 months later. When you go to Cycle Design ask to deal with "Jayma" she is the owner and she will work prices with you better then a regular sales person would. Good luck and dont forget, "a 2005 Grizzly sure would look great under your tree Christmas morning"!
STOP THAT (OOOOHHHHH I FEEL AN IMPULSE BUY) lol. I will definatley ask to speak with Jayma. I may do the same and just buy it. It's really no different if I put the cash down and finance the rest through Yamaha or if I finance it all . Then I can just plunk the cash down when it's sold. I'm hoping to have my Zuk back from my friends shop either this week or next. And I agree that would look great under my tree! I just called Keene motorsports in NH and told them a deal I have for the price of a Grizz with a plow, winch setup. Using prices you gave me. Curious as to what they come back with and I'll take that to Cycle Design.

well not help blue convince you to buy, but think about how much you "will" be having..

and talking $$$$$$$. i paid $7200 back in june. it your willing to travel a bit. check out,

pittsburgmotorsports.com - best prices i could find. to bad i looked there after i bought mine.
WHat were they're prices? Got any pics of your yotas?

oops sorry, pittsburg motor sports, had them for $6400-camo, and $6200 for the other colors.

here is a link to another forum with some pics of the yota.

let me know what you think.

I know this is a bit out of your way but its the best prices I have found here in the south...and you dont pay tax hehe


see what ya think
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