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How do I remove my grips?

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I want to install my heated grips and thought I read somewhere that compressed air will blow the stock grips right off. I couldn't get them to budge last night trying that method, but I may have been doing it wrong. I prefer not to cut them off, just in case I don't care for the heated ones and want to switch back. Worst case, I'll cut them. Just looking for methods that worked for everyone.

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I have always cut them off, only knowing they were worthless and that's why I was changing them anyway. Grips are cheap enough the way I see it compared to everything else we end up buying for these machines. Just cut them off! LOL don't be ascared Koko... lmao
You're right I should just chop them. If I was too put non-heated grips back on, I'd probably go with a gel grip anyways.

I agree with the Gel-Grips, I have read some good feedback on them and seem like a great grip. I am seriously contemplating heated grips after our last ride. I found some real expensive heated grips with "Ergo-Grip" molded rubber but them darn things go for some serious bucks. I'm leaning towards the cheaper ones from Sportsman Guide online and then take them off in spring for some Gel-Grips.
The moose ones I have are fairly inexpensive. I got them for $34. We'll see how they do. I'm hoping with wearing a glove I can just use them year round.

I don't believe in destroying anything. In order to use compressed air you need 2 people. One person plugs the whole in the grip with his finger. The other shoots compressed air into the opposite grip. This will expand the opposite grip enough to pull the grip off while the air is going in. It is a very simple procedure.

I'll try that procedure...if it does work, then it goes under the knife!!!


I'll try that procedure...if it does work, then it goes under the knife!!!


Man, I'm really hurtin to open up old threads.
To get old grips off you can use WD40 with the little red hose that comes with the can. Just slide the red thing in a little ways, give it a shot, work the grip a bit, slide it in a little farther, another shot...pretty soon it will slide right off. This is ONLY if you want to save the grip, otherwise cut it off.
After you have WD40'd it how do you get it to adhere when you reinstall it?
I ended up just using the utility knife, it was quick and easy and I had no intentions of reusing the stock grips. If I ever go without heated grips then I'll just a buy a good set of aftermarket grips. Way too much effort to try and save a some grips.
Brake cleaner works good to clean the WD40 off. A little bit of Dawn dish soap will do it too.
Starky is on the money....also, I've had good luck with using alcohol as a lubricant (not beer, at least not on the grips) at work we have to force belts onto pulleys and alcohol lets it slide on and leaves no trace once dried.
Here's my techinique on getting those stock grips off.

Cut 'em off and throw them suckers away.

Then take a drink of alcohol to calm your nerves.

Spray a shot of compressed air in your face to cool yourself off.

Now put on those heated grips.

Good luck and let us know how it all worked out.
I would use my $5 Winchester pocket knife that I bought from wal mart to cut them grips off with...I believe the knife is from the Kathy Lee Gifford collection.
LMOA!!!!!!!!!! Grizznizzle.

Did you get the pink cotton "grannie" panties or the thong to match? ha ha
dont burn me down like that Tennesse!! :) actually it was a reference to her gettin busted for using Chinese slave labor to produce her clothing...she claimed innonence tho...

Oh......okay. Sure.
Back in the "old days" before we had grip glue and safety wire, we used to rap the bar with double sided Scotch tape and put a drop of gas on it to make the glue slippery. Then you slide the grip on and wait 24 hours and it was stuck.
My kids call that kind of stuff "Old Pro". They don't even know what bailing wire is.
Well in my old days I used hair spray on the bars to slide the grips on. Wait a day for it to dry then your good to go.
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