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I am amazed...

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Today I went and visited the "Rincon Owners Forum" (1st time visit) and I am amazed how busy that forum is. Compared to "Grizzly Owners Forum", them Honda guys post alot and I think it's pretty cool. I wish there were more posts in here to read, at times it seems like no new posts at all in here.

If anyone is new in here please don't be shy! Speak up and let's all get this forum as active as the Honda Boys!

I know I said this before, and I will say this again,"Thanks RobG" for giving us this site, to get and give priceless info on our machines.
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I abree blue_grizzly, I used to be one of those "honda boys" and trust me, most of them are very rude! If you don't loath their rincon then you are banished. If RobG wasn't the moderator/owner they would have baneshed him already LOL...

I think they are really touchy because they know down deep inside that the rincon is not as good as it was hiped up to be...I can say this as I had one and you see where I am now! and honestly it was partially due to Rob's stories of his in the rincon oweners forum.
Well I have to admit, I vist the "Rincon forum" on a regular basis. I have posted a few times but mainly go on there to read the post and get all the info I can no mater what machine or brand it is as long as it pertains to atv's and riding.

I do have to admit also that I wish this forum was a little more active but it really has come a long way since the first time I signed on to this place. No matter what I do love the Grizzly and this Grizzly forum.

I truly like this site. I am a member of so many ATV forums and I only post here. It is a nice site here and I feel at home with my fellow Grizzly owners. I hope in time that more Grizzly owners will find out about this site. It's so nice when you can ask for help & advice and folks in here are willing to help. Every add-on I put on my machine I asked someone from in here for advice and opinions. It's great to hear a real person give their honest unbiased opinion on a products results, versus listening to some salesman's salespitch.LOL Alot of great guys in here.
well, as a new member, i can only say that is is VERY difficult to find any ATV forum at all.
i did use Google's search engine, and after a while i found the highlifter forum and this forum (beside the obvious dutch forum's).

haven't got a clue if there a more (english spoken) grizzly forums on the net.

maybe you guys should spread the word some more. i'm sure there'll be some more grizzly owners who'd like to join.

the only thing i regret about this forum, is that there's no images support. (UBB tags).

There is ATV Nation, ATV Connection, ATV Time, ATV Wild, ATV Frontier, ATV Store, ATV Quad Squad, Highlifter. So many ATV sites now but I still like it here. So there are a few for you to check out.
Personally my two favorite are ATV-Outdoors and this one. ATV OUTDOORS has some VERY VERY active people on it. I can make a post and sometimes before I log off have 1-2 posts back!!!

They are not the typical ATV bashers either, they are all older mature people!
Thanks Marine, I will have to check that site out also.
Not a problem blue_grizzly!

My name in there is marine as well, so look me up!

I am new to ATV only got my 2005 Grizzly last weekend and have only been out twice and am really hooked - had a great time. I live in Spain so will be doing maily trail riding and rock crawling (not much rain here for mudding). I would like to service the Grizzly myself (do not have much faith in Yahama dealer here), anyone know if a sewrvice manual is available for download.

Great forum
The Honda guys do get a bit touchy, don't they? I think you're right -- if I wasn't the admin, they'd have banned me. :)

I wish this site would get as busy as the Rincon site. Perhaps if there's an all-new Grizz for 2006 as I suspect there may be, it'll start jumping.

I hope so too Rob, this site is a good place and I'm sure it will start to pick up soon. LMAO @ the "touchy Honda guys" My friend (die-hard Honda Fanatic) always seems to throw in them "JABS" about his precious Honda! I keep telling him if I wanted a **** Honda I would have bought one! His Rincon is OK, I test driven it before I Bought my Grizzly. Then I test drove the Grizzly and my mind was made up. I actually paid less for my Grizzly then he did for his Rincon and I think I got the better machine. I raced him and beat him every time, and in deep snow he couldn't cut trail where the Grizzly plowed thru like nobody's business. No matter what he (die-hard Honda Fanatic) says, Yamaha Grizzly is a great machine. I cannot wait to see the '06 line-up...
blue_grizzly, I agree COMPLETELY!!! both you and rob have mentioned the 2006 linup? What are yall expecting in the 2006? Oh, and if the 2006 is as buggy as the 2002-03 modles of the grizzly I will wait for 2-3 years before I "upgrade".

Actually, come May-June time frame I will be getting the new Kodiac 450 for my wife. Of course, she is going to have to have the same setup, winch, c-series, and mudlites...arg...I am begging to think I have created a monster hehe. But at least she lets me get what I want for my hobbie. I only hope everyone elses wife is as understanding and sweet as mine has been with my "expensive" hobbie. I think that ATVing is worse than golf about costs. Think about it, $7-8K for the bikes, $1-3K in upgrades, gas, and of course trailers and trucks to haul it. Guns to mount on it. then the new year bikes come out and you get to sell and start all over!! LOL
Well, Yamaha tends to redo stuff every four model years. The Grizzly 600 lasted four years, so I tend to think the Grizzly 660 will last four (02, 03, 04, 05), bringing a new one out in 06. I may be wrong, but with all of the other new machines coming out or that have come out since the Grizzly, it's due for an update.

From what I can tell, they don't have a motor already in something else to use, so I'm thinking they're developing an all-new motor. Call it a hunch, but I expect to see a Grizzly 770 Twin in a revised frame with better suspension geometry. What I don't know is if the Twin will be a V or Parallel. Yamaha's other twins are all V's so who knows. I also tend to think we might see a Raptor 770. Or I could be totally wrong.

Anyway, I don't think the '02s were all that bad. It's '03 that I'd avoid. My '02 has the occasional fuel boiling problem, but never had any CV joint issues like the '03s. If I bought a used Grizz, it would ONLY be an '02.

Oh, if you think ATVing is expensive, try snowmobiling. New sleds (with the largest motors) start around $8500 and go up to almost $11k! :)

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I tend to agree with Rob on the V Twin. Yamaha is due to step up to the plate with something in the 700 catagory. I seen a guy with a new Brute force and this machine was awesome. He commented on how he has a difficult time when he throttles up, it wants to stand up! Yamaha needs to come out with a new Grizzly or a whole new "Beast" Could you imagine a new name like "Yamaha Sasquatch" LMAO.. I really wonder what name Yamaha would come up with for a "New Beast"? They have all the "Bears" pretty much taken, except "Polar Bear" LMAO. Now that would be funny! 2006 Yamaha Polar Bear 770! After all, it's a known fact the Polar Bear is the strongest, meanest, and toughest in the bear family. LOL
i cant't tell you anything about the new grizzly, but i know that yamaha is coming with a real 2 person ATV, like the bombardier MAX models....
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