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I need a new front bumper

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My stock grizzly bumper is shot. All welds are rusted and the side bars can be moved easily back and forth by hand. It is time to replace the from bumper. Does anyone here fabricate their own? Or do you know where to get a good quality one at a good price?

If anyone fabricates their own, let me know and send some pics, I may be interested in buying one.


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Yes I would be interested as well.
Something to consider when it comes to the Grizzly bumper. I know a lot of people dislike it because it's "weak" and bends easily. The thing is, if it was stronger, the frame would probably bend instead of the bumper.

So if you go with something not stock, be careful about making something too strong. I'd much rather bend up a bumper once or twice a year than bend my frame.

Rob, That is very true and something to consider. Currently I have the Yamaha/Warn steel bumper shield on over the top of the stock bumper and it has served me well pushing many trees and brush out of the way. I like this better than the Warn add on bumper because it doesn't make the machine any longer and looks stock. It adds more strength to the original bumper but not enough that the bumper would not give before the frame. It is starting to split on the one side where it is nothced out to fit around the stock bumper up tube so I will probably just take it off and have someone weld it for me and keep it.
The Forum section regarding "Body" has a few posts in it. Here's one

Check this one for pics


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