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Impossible to pull start!

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guys, I am not a giant or really large, but I do lift weights and am fairly strong...but for the life of me and several friends we COULD NOT pull start this beast!! Is there a decompression lever somewhere??? this 660 is massive and getting it turning by hand is next to impossible!!

Maybe I am just not getting something...
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I have also given the pull start a try without much luck. I thought they may have a decompression switch but after searching around I found that they have a auto decompression cam for "easy pull" starting. Seems like it doesn't really work that well though.
I just hope that I never get stuck out there with a dead battery....NO WAY will I be able to pull start it!!...maybe I could just tie the stupid thing to another ATV and have him pull it out that way LOL!!!!!
Well guys I have to agree with you in the pull start thing. I have tried it once just for the **** of it and it is very hard to pull. Im about 5'11 at 200lbs and try to lift about three times a week and this thing put me to shame..lol

Although it can be done it is not something I would want to do on a regular basis. I would hate to kill the battery for somereason at the end of a long days ride, it might just turn into a all night ride..lol
Hey Guys, I had the my salesman show me a trick to start with the pull starter. He stepped up on the step and pulled the rope till it gets impossible, probably bout a foot then release it back in, then give it a pull and viola it should start up. I just went and tried it and it does work. Let me know if it works for you.
BB's Grizz.

My buddy taught me that trick when I owned the 01 Kodiak. I did try it with the Grizzly and it works fine for me like that. I think that pulling the cord out like that, then letting it go back in causes the decompression release or something. Seems like always, once you reach that certain spot, then release the cord and pull quickly she fires right up, strange.....
I just think if its going to be that hard they need a decompression lever like the XR450 dirtbike has!

Although I have NEVER had to use the auxilary pull start on any bike since I have been riding (minus the trx90 as this was only way to start it) I probably wont need to use this one either, but it sure would be comforting to know that I could start it if indeed I need to.

P.S. did yall feel like you were going to break the rope pulling any harder?? I stopped because I could feel the handle bending in my hand as I pulled the thing...I figured if I pulled any harder it would break the string

I just went outside and did the pull start sequence. It took me three try's to get it started but it did indeed start. It seems to me that the decompression occurs when the cord is pulled about half-way out. I then let it recoil back in at that point, then I gave it a quick snap and it finaly started. I probably could have started it on the first pull if I would have had the choke on.LOL

BB's Grizz is correct about standing on the footboard when you pull start it. I tried both ways(standing on ground) and standing on the footboard works the best. Also I agree with you, it's not something you wanna do all the time, but knowing it will work is comforting. It does take some practise to master but it does work. Since I have owned the Kodiak every now and then I will(just for the **** of it) use the pull start to make sure its working well. I also agree a "manual decompression release" would be great! My old Honda TRX 300 had one and it worked just fine and was easy to pull start compared to the Yamaha's.

As for the "chinsey" handle mine felt like that also! When you give it a try again stand on the footboards and pull handle out slowly(about half-way) until you feel/hear it decompress inside, then let it recoil back for a full pull and it will pull easily,give it a sharp snap and she should fire. I hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info blue_grizzly!! I will try that this weekend
Hey guys, just a warning to all of you!! I previously had an '98 450 foreman, and had to use the pull starter because I accidently left the lights on with out knowing. i pulled it through as many have suggested for the grizz, trying to find Top dead center, and then put the muscle to her. Well she started up, but the starter recoiled, and I broke 2 fingers and tore a tendon in my middle finger. After surgery and 8 weeks off of riding and work, I was able to get back to everything. I truly dread the day I have to use the piull starter on the Grizz. Just beware, and hang on for dear life to the pull starter.
well now. i had the same problem/issue of cold weather starting with my grizzly, and there was no way, now way i could pull it over.

i had a friend that had the same thing happen as dnhyoung, ugly scene, and a bad way to end the day of riding.

i like the idea of a quick fix......
I'll have to try it again on my Grizzly, but the last time I tried it, like two years ago, it started just fine repeatedly. I was out riding with a friend with an '03 Arctic Cat 500, and we happend to stop for a break. He decided to try pull-starting his, and it worked fine. So I did the same and it was also fine.

If you guys really want a workout, try pull-starting a big-bore snowmobile. My old '04 Ski-Doo 800 HO took some work. My new '05 Arctic Cat M7 (700cc) is a lot easier, but it's also EFI. The real tough one is the Arctic Cat Mountain Cat 900 -- no decompression hole, btw. That beast takes some serious arm effort to start!!! And they're all 2-strokes too.

This past summer we all went for a ride. 1st thing after getting on the trails my starter went out. I had to pull start it the rest of the day. I'm only 5'6" & 160lb. I pilled started it ALL DAY LONG. Not something I would ever want to do again. But the pull rope did save my day of riding. I did have some mighty sore fingrers the next day.
Anyone who owns one of the new 4-stroke motocross bikes will know the secret to pull starting these big bore quads. You have to get it to top dead center on the compression stroke. How do you know if you are on the compression stroke? You just have to work with it and get the feel for it. If you're pulling on the exhaust stroke, you are wasting your time. I believe there is more of a chance for kick back if you pull on the exhaust stroke as well.
I just ran out and pull started my bike after only a few pulls. It only worked with the choke off though so maybe there is something going on with that...Marine, I was a Sniper with 2/7 for 4 years and did a couple of deployments. Where were you at? Gerald
This is an old thread but, for me my 06 660 Grizzly all it needs a technique... gloves on, foot on step and use both hands... Don't let go.... Dnhyoung, hope you're healing well.... I could honestly see messing your hands up...
Starky explained it correctly; TDC on the compression stroke, and BB's told you how to do it. That having been said; I'm just going to make sure that my battery's in decent shape and not scrimp when it comes time to replace it.

It's a technique thing; not just brute force...
If the battery is weak to the point where the starter doesn't turn over, you can hold the starter button while pull starting in order to make things a touch easier. Mind you this only works where there is a bit of juice left in the battery.
find the compression stroke by pulling it slow and as soon as you feel it is almost impossible to pull anymore just pull about another inch. Return the handle back to the recoil and YANK.
when you do gotta pull these things over by hand grab the recoil handle with your hole hand not just ur fingers it works and feels better on your hand if it does come back on u
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